They say: It is the fruit of our hard work, the fruit of our vines which are nurtured with love and handled with respect; it is produced with care and patience – may our home-made Teran wine bring you joy and delight!


The beautiful village of Hruševica lies hidden behind a pine grove only two kilometers southwest of Štanjel. The Grča family has lived here since the village was formed several centuries ago. They are also known as the King's family, because one of the family members who served in the army at the time of Napoleon came home dressed in such fine clothes that the local people said he looked like a king. Therefore the Grča Inn, where Ivo and his wife Pavla started working in 1967, is also known as ''the King's'' inn.
One of the meanings of the word 'grča' is a strong and vigorous person, which is exactly what the Grča family members are like. Since the beginning they have been farmers and they still haven't given up farming. In addition to running the inn, the farm owner Ivo, together with his wife Pavla and their son Bogdan, takes care of a large vinyard which provides grapes for the so-called Carst blood or Teran as well as other sorts of wine.
A monument to Srečko Kosovel, an important Slovenian poet, is a reminder of the inn's rich history. The inn housed the 2xGO gallery a few years ago, when it provided exhibition space for works of a number of artists from both the old and new Gorica. It was also a place where participants of the Vilenica international literary festival gathered every year. Among other prominent guests were Pen Club members with their leader Ciril Kosmač. The Grča family wishes to offer their guests more than just delicious home made food and drinks